Keep Methyl Iodide Out of California

New York state rejected the use of the chemical methyl iodide in its borders. But in California, Governor Schwarzenegger and the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) have fast-tracked and approved the potent carcinogen and water contaminant, for use in the CA’s strawberry fields. 

Unfortunately, corporate bullying by the pesticide giant Arysta beat out the voices of the country’s top scientists and tens of thousands of Californians. The decision to blanket the state’s fields with a gas that causes cancer, late-term miscarriages and permanent neurological damage is a serious tragedy in the making. 

A coalition of farmworker, farm, public health and environmental groups is calling on the Brown Administration to work with his Agency staff to undo this approval, and deny the use of methyl iodide in California.

Specifically, Brown should:

  • Follow the recommendation of John Froines, PhD, Chair of the Scientific Review Committee, to reconvene the Committee and direct DPR to incorporate the Committee’s evaluation and analysis into its final decision.
  • Put a moratorium on methyl iodide use immediately

For more information, click here.

Contact Governor Jerry Brown today and urge him to reverse the approval of methyl iodide. Sign this petition now!

See photos from statewide press conferences November 30, 2010, urging Governor Schwarzenegger to deny the approval of methyl iodide.

See photos from our rally June 17, 2010 in Sacramento.

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