We all have the right to clean air, clean water and a safe food supply. But we find pesticides in our fields, forests, lawns and ponds. When bureaucracies are slow to respond and chemical manufacturers and agribusiness block progress, Pesticide Watch steps in to help. We’re here to help you protect your community and family, and find solutions to pesticide problems.

Since 1991, Pesticide Watch and Pesticide Watch Education Fund (“Pesticide Watch”) have helped citizen groups across California develop sustainable solutions for dealing with pests, instead of using toxic pesticides. Our mission is to work side-by-side with Californians to prevent pesticide exposure, promote local farming, and build healthier communities.

Using community organizing, expert referrals, conferences and information guides, Pesticide Watch Education Fund helps community groups wage effective campaigns to force stubborn polluters and unresponsive bureaucracies to protect the health and safety of your community.

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