Our communities face a variety of pesticide problems and Pesticide Watch is here to help. Below is a sample of some of the issues we work on:

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Community Waters Project

The Community Waters Project provides support to community groups in their efforts to protect California’s potable water sources from pesticide pollution. 
In the Sacramento Valley, we are working with local residents to prevent premature spraying of pesticides over communities to control West Nile virus (WNv). WNv is a minor threat in California, and the Mosquito Districts are taking unnecessary risks by exposing the public to unsafe pesticides. As more spraying takes place, our waterways, including the Sacramento Bay-Delta, will be increasingly inundated with pesticide run-off. We are working with several community groups to educate city governments and Mosquito Districts about the problems associated with unnecessary spraying. We aim to provide community organizations with the tools needed to convince decision-makers to change policy so that our waterways, wetlands, wildlife, and health are protected from aerial pesticide misuse. 
In the San Joaquin Valley, we have begun organizing with organizations such as Californians for Pesticide Reform (“CPR”) and the Community Water Center (“CWC”) to expand our community leadership base. We are beginning to work with local health workers on farm worker health protection and the preventative measures against pesticide health impacts. We partnered with CPR to build on the political momentum in the southern San Joaquin Valley for buffer zones around schools and homes in the northern San Joaquin Valley, in addition to work around pesticide contamination in water.

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