The goal of our network is to both reinforce local campaigns and to help local groups see themselves as part of a larger movement for environmental health and democracy. We help connect neighborhood groups with other activists fighting similar battles to build confidence and share lessons, ideas and information. We also maintain an expert referral list with legal, public health and environmental professionals who help local groups pro bono or at a reduced fee. Key parts of our network are:

  • Expert Referral List—Pesticide Watch Education Fund maintains a referral network of legal, technical and public health experts that provide neighborhood groups with essential information for a reduced fee or at no cost. The experts in our network have experience working with neighborhood groups. Please call 916-551-1883 for a list of experts who might be able to assist you.
  • Database of citizen activists—Pesticide Watch Education Fund keeps track of citizen activists statewide that have worked on campaigns fighting toxic pollution.
  • Email Listservs—Our activists and volunteers keep connected through a listserv maintained by Pesticide Watch Education Fund.
  • Campaign History Database—We keep records of campaigns to learn from our past successes.
  • Grant-writing Assistance—Through an alliance with Northern California Grassroots Fund, we can provide help and referrals when it comes to finding grant funding for campaigns.
  • Coalition-Building—Pesticide Watch Education Fund works with various neighborhood groups to serve as a campaign coordinator. These joint campaigns leverage our combined resources to put additional pressure on state government decision-makers. Our current coalitions include: Coalition to End Pesticide Drift, Campaign to Stop Aerial Pesticide Spraying, Coalition for Safe West Nile Virus Control.

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