Pesticide Watch Education Fund offers seven group consultation sessions that your group can choose from to develop and implement strategies that effectively address local pollution issues. A staff person can come to your neighborhood and meet with you and your neighbors at a time that’s convenient for you, We can help you develop a plan specifically tailored for your community.

  • Planning a Winning Campaign. The first and most essential step to addressing any problem is to develop a campaign plan. We can help your group will clarify goals, develop a strategy for solving your problem, brainstorm specific steps to take, and develop a timeline for action.
  • Effective Message and Materials. Your group will need a compelling message and materials that you can use when talking to other residents in your community, the media, and government officials. We can help you create those materials.
  • Building Your Group. We can help your group will develop a plan to start, build, and maintain an effective and efficient neighborhood organization with recruitment and leadership training.
  • Making the News. Your group might need a plan to publicize your issue in the media through events and building relationships with reporters. We have expertise in working with the media and can give you the information you need to get your issue out to the broader public.
  • Fundraising to Win. If your group needs to raise money, we can help with membership, fundraising events, and/or grant writing trainings.
  • Winning Community Votes. We have expertise running ballot campaigns, and offere training to identify supporters, get out the vote, and create a buzz that peaks on Election Day.
  • Presenting At Public Hearings. Public hearings can be used to galvanize public support. We can help you recruit supporters and prepare compelling testimony.

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